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What is election?

Its a formal group decision making process by which a population chooses an individual to hold a public office
Why are elections held?
Elections are held  so that people can choose their representatives who will make laws for them.
Why are elections important?
Because people participate in elections to choose their representatives

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Who is responsible for elections in Kenya?

Independent Electrol and Boundaries Commission (IEBC).


  • Recommends the  creation of new constituencies. 
  • Determines and review  the boundaries of the constituencies.It also reviews names,number and boundaries of electoral wards.
  • Register voters,maintains and updates the voter register
  • Ensure elections are conducted in afreeandfair manner
  • Educate voters on their rights and responsibilities during elections
  • Appoint and election officials
  • Prepares and distributes election materials
  • Counts the cast and announces election results
  • Establishes polling stations
  • Determines the number people each political party will nominate for seats in parliament and county assemblies
  • Conducts civic eduction to teach citizen the principles and practices of elections and importance of voting
  • Sets the campaign period
  • Announces the date and time for elections as well as the date for by_elections
  • Register aspiring candidates for various posts
  • Ensures that the candidates meet the requirements for the positions they wish to vie for
  • Settles disputes related to nomination of candidates
  • Give  official permission to persons who want to be allowed to work as observers during elections
  • Give guidelines on the amount of money to be spent by candidates or political parties during the elections
  • Give guidelines on how candidates and political parties should conduct themselves during elections
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Campaigns are conducted by __

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