Introduction to Health  by  Rose Oduor


What is health?

Give examples of health problems you know of.


Small accidents that happens at home

Which health problem is this?


A cut finger is an example of a small accident 

Identify what causes this.

A swollen face caused by a venom from a honey bee.

Examples of health problem in real life situation


Why do people having persistent stomachaches lie in bed?

  •  Lying in bed calms down stomachaches
What comes into your mind whenever you see someone frequenting this place?
  • He is having stomachache and diarrhoea




Study and interpret this photograph

  •  It shows a boy not eating his food
What are the signs and symptoms of stomachache and diarrhoea?
  1.  Loss of appetite
  2.  Looking weak and Sick
  3.  Loss of water in the body

Identify the objects in these pictures



Boiled water

What is the first aid given to a person who has lost a lot of water through diarrhoea and why?


  • A solution of salt and sugar in a clean boiled water
  • Allow the patient to sip this mixture slowly to replenish water lost during diarrhoea.
  • This makes the patient feel strong while waiting to see a doctor.


What is happening in this picture and why?

This is a picture of...

It is used for...


  • It is an ambulance.
  • It is used for carrying sick people to the hospital.
  • It has health equipments, a nurse and a doctor on stand by.

What is this doctor doing and why?


  • The doctor is examining a patient to find out the problems with him.
  • He will collect specimen and take to the laboratory.
  • The test results will show what he is suffering from.

In health education we can learn how to.....

  • Promote  good health
  • Maintain good health
  • Restore good health

What kind of education do doctors give their patients?

  • Why they should follow prescriptions of drugs
  • Advice on how to take good care of the patients so as to avoid catching pneumonia.

Construct sentences using the following new words we have learnt

  • Specimen
  • Ambulance
  • Germs
  • Persistent
  • Suffering from
  • Test results
  • Symptoms
  • Pneumonia

Below are sentences that can be constructed using the above words

  1. Ngatu's specimen were taken to the laboratory.
  2. He was carried in an ambulance to the hospital.
  3. He had eaten mangoes containing germs.
  4. His stomachache persisted until he drunk
  5. Solution of salt and sugar.
  6. His test results showed nothing unusual.
  7. Stomachache was the symptom Ngatu had.
  8. Ngatu suffered from stomachache.
  9. Pneumonia is the swelling in the air sacs or alveoli

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