Use of too  by  Jemimah Musendu


Too many means something is more than enough or necessary.

Look at the following sentences.

  1. There were many paper bags. He could not carry them.
  2. There were many cows in the herd. Adam could not feed them.

Join using too

1.There were too many paper bags for him to carry.

2.There are too many cows for Adam to feed.



Join the following sentences using too.

1.There are many tanks.Jude can not fill them.

2.There were many patients.The doctor could not treat them.

3.There are many dishes.Nduku can not clean them.



1.There are too many tanks for Jude to fill.

2.There were too many patients for the doctor to treat.

3.There are too many dishes for Nduku to clean.



Write down 5 sentences using too+many+for