Jesus and the Needy

In our communities, at home and even in school, we meet many different kinds of people every day. There are many people with different needs.

The widow of Nain

( Luke 7:11 - 15 )

  • In a town called Nain, a widow’s only son had died. When Jesus saw her, His heart was filled with pity and He ordered the young man to get up from his coffin.
  • The man began to talk and the crowds were amazed.
  • Just like Jesus, we should utilise every opportunity to help others that comes our way.

Jairus' daughter 

(Luke 8:40 - 56 )

  • Jairus was an official in the local synagogue, whose twelve-year-old daughter was dying.
  • He begged Jesus to heal his daughter. On their way to Jairus’ home, he was informed that his daughter was dead.
  • Jesus told him not to be afraid, but only to believe and she would be healed. Jesus told the mourners that she was not dead, she was only sleeping.They laughed at Him.
  • Jesus took her by the hand and told her to get up and her life returned.
  • This shows us that even when people mock us for helping the needy, we should not give up or get discouraged.

The ten lepers

(Luke 17:12 - 19 )

  • When Jesus was on His way to Jerusalem, ten men asked Him to take pity on them and heal them of their leprosy. Jesus healed them.
  • Only one man, a Samaritan, came back to thank Him.
  • Jesus did not punish the ungrateful nine, but He blessed the grateful one.
  • People we help will not always thank us, but that does not mean that we should stop helping the needy. Our reward is in heaven.

  • Jesus Christ helped those with special needs, for example:In Mark 7:31-35, He healed a man who could not hear and in Matthew 9:32-33, Jesus healed a man who could not talk. In these cases it was the people who brought the men to Jesus Christ for healing.

This teaches us that:

  1. As Christians we should be concerned about other people’s needs.
  2. We should be willing to support people with special needs.
  3. We should be kind and accept them.
  4. We should follow the example of Jesus and help them.
  5. We should respect, love, share our property with them and pray for their healing.