The Breaking of The Bread

Easter is the time of year Christians remember the significance of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Christians remember that God sacrificed His Son so as to reconcile Himself to humankind.

Jesus overcame death and gave us eternal life.

The  Breaking of The Bread


The importance of sharing a meal

  • Many Christians share the Holy Communion over Easter.
  • Christians share meals on many other occasions, for example, during weddings and parties.(Luke 9:1-10) tells us how Jesus shared a meal with Zaccheaus the tax collector. 


  • Jane’s parents grow mangoes on their farm. One day, Jane carried some mangoes to school and shared with her friends. Her friends were happy and thanked her.
  •  Sharing a meal brings togetherness and is a sign of unity.
  • When people reconcile they share a meal to show goodwill and forgiveness.
  • In (Luke 15:23-24,) the prodigal son returned home after using all his money. On his return, he shared a meal with his father. This was a sign of reconciliation between the two.



The Meaning of Passover 

  • The term Passover refers to the time the Angel of Death passed over the houses of the Israelites in Egypt on the night before they left for Canaan.

All Egyptian first-born males of both humans and animals were, however, killed.






The first Passover was celebrated in Egypt. In Exodus 12:21-28, the Israelites were asked to observe the Passover every year even after they got to Canaan.

Luke 2:41-43 shows us that Jesus and His parents observed the Passover feast every year in Jerusalem.