Assessment Questions


1. What is governement revenue?

2. a) Name any five examples of internal sources of government revenue.

   b) Describe any two types of external sources of government revenue.

3. Define the following terms:

    a) Direct tax              b) Indirect tax         c) Custom duty

    d) Value added tax    e) Advance tax        f) Excise duty

    g) Export duty           h) Sales tax              i) Income tax

    j) Corporate tax         e) Stamp duty 

4. What is government expenditure?


5. Explain any four ways in which the government spends it's revenue.

6. Define the following types of government expenditure and give examples of each.

  a) Capital expenditure

  b) Supplementary expenditure

  c) Recurrent expenditure

7. What is the name of the body that collects tax in Kenya?

8. Name any three international organizations which lend Kenya money.