Our School


A school is a place where pupils go to learn.


Pupils go to school using different ways;

  • Walking to school.
  • Riding bicycles to school.
  • Going by bus or matatu.
  • Going in their parents cars.


Our school is called Elimu primary school.

Things that make our school different (school symbols)

  • School uniform
  • School badge
  • School motto


Importance of Schools Symbols

 • School uniform makes pupils from our school look different from those of other schools.

• The school badge makes our school uniform look different from other school uniforms

• Our school motto reminds us to work hard.


People in our school

There are different people in our school.

• Pupils – come to school to learn.

• Teachers – teach pupils how to read and write.

• Head teacher – Is in charge of the school.

• Cleaners – clean the classrooms and the compound.

• Cooks – Cook food.

• Secretary – Writes letters for the school.

• Watchman – Is in charge of security in school.

• Driver – Drives school buses and vans.

• Accountant – Is in chatge of the accounts office.