Importance of Houses


  • Houses protect us from some natural hazards like rain, extreme cold, extreme heat from the sun, strong winds, etc.

However, there are a number of natural hazards that are capable of destroying houses and even homes. These include

a) Storms, 

b) Hurricanes, 

c) Tsunamis, 

d) Earthquakes, 

e) Volcanic eruptions, 

f) Asteroid impacts, 

g) Subsidence, 

h) Atmospheric hazards include;

  • Tropical Cyclones
  • Tornadoes
  • Droughts
  • Severe Thunderstorms
  • Lightening

i) Insect infestations

j) Disease epidemics | outbreaks

k) Wildfires

l) Floods, 


N/B Drought is a natural hazard that brings about death to both human and animal lives.

An outcome of a hazard is called a disaster.


There are also risks that can subject homes and houses to destruction by natural hazards. These include 

  1. Building houses on floodplains - houses are subject to floods.
  2. Building houses on sea cliffs - houses are subject to land slides.
  3. Building houses along coastlines - houses are subject to hurricanes and floods.
  4. Building houses o volcanic slopes - houses are subject to volcanic eruptions.
  • Our things are safe inside a house, we are also safe from wild animals.
  • Offer a place family members can gather together to socialize and even to deliberate on their own affairs.
  • Houses are also used for religious fellowships.
  • Homes and houses offer a supportive environment to grow in and find out more about oneself.
  • Homes may also be a sign of an achievement of a long term goal.
  • Homes and houses gives a people a sense of belonging.