Assessment questions

1. What is family?

2. Name three ways in which members of the family may be related.

3. Identify 3 types of families.

4. Nuclear family comprises of ____, ____ and ____.

5. A family that has only one parent is called

6. List the basic needs of a family

7. List 5 things found in a house and their uses.

8. How can children behave well in a family.

9. List the basic needs of a family.

10. State 4 responsibilities of parents in the family.

11. On what occasion do you come togetheras a family to help each other?

12. Which of the following is a member of a nuclear family?

   A. Daugther                           B. Nephew

   C. Grangmother                    D. Brother-in-law

13. Which of the following groups of people consist only of members of the extended family?

   A. Niece, brother, mother

   B. Son, daughter, father

   C. Grandmother, aunt, nephew

   D. Sister, brother, grangfather

14. Three of the following responsibilities of children in the family. Which one is not?

    A. Showing respect to adults in the family

   B. Being able to provide the family needs

   C. Assisting in household work

   D. Supporting parents when they age.

15. Which one of the following needs is the most important?

    A. Food                       B. Shelter

   C. Clothing                 D. Education

16. The main responsibility of parents in a family is to

   A. provide basic needs of the family

   B. send children to school

   C. send children to hospital if they are sick

   D. take children to church on sunday