61. Which one of the following attributes of Paramatma is seen in the reaction of flowers?

A. protection

B. perfection

C. Generosity

 D. Justice

62. Which one of the following elements of panch mahabhoot does the ashes of a dead person belong to?

A. Agni

B. Vayu

C. Akash

D. Prithvi

63. Guru Teg Bahadur showed that he was full of compassion when he?

A. gave away his clothes to a poor naked boy

B. chose Baba Bakala as the next Guru

C. contributed in the writing of Guru Granth Sahib

D. accepted gold coins to fulfill Makhan Shah’s wishes

64. Lord Vishnu killed Hiranyakashipu during Narsimha Avatar with his?

A. legs

B. teeth

C. claws

D. hands

65. Which one of the following is a reason why Vyasji compiled the Veda?

A. to show the way to realize the Paramatma

B. to please the learned scholars

C. to preserve valuable knowledge

D. to prove that he was a great Rishi

66. In which one of the following scriptures was Arjun shown Virat Darshan by Lord Krishna?

A. Bhagwad Gita

B. Bhagvat Puran

C. Shiksha Patri

D. Ramayana 

67. The Holy scripture of Kalpasutra contains the teahings of?

A. Lord Krishna

B. Guru Nanak

C. Lord Mahavir

D. Guatam Buddha

68. The Veda that contains the knowledge of Ayurvedic medicine is?

A. Rig Veda

B. Atharwa Veda

C. Sam Veda

D. Yajur Veda

69. The main reason why Hindus follow the ten principles of Lord Manu is to?

A. unite all human beings

B. establish peace in the society

C. learn religious knowledge

D. regulate human behavior

70. Preeti gave away all her extra text books to the needy pupils in her class. By doing so she is practicing the principle of?

A. Ahimsa 

B. Aparigraha

C. Anekantvad

71. Which one of the following principles is correctly matched with its practice?

A Satya - perseverance

B. Dhurti- compassion

C. Kshama- forgiveness 

D. Asteya

72. The principle of Dharma in which the soul reincarnates in a new body is known as?

A. Punarjanma

B. Purushartha

C. Prarthana

D. Daya- truthfulness

73.The best way Hindus can assist HIV/AIDS orphans is by?

A.visitng them

B.couseling them

C.Playing games with them


74. The Sikhs practice the principle of Dharma ki kirat by?

A. earning their livelihood honestly

B. participating in religious ceremonies

C. praying together at Gurudwara

D. giving them basic needs

75. Neera and her young brother Mitesh went to a shop to buy groceries. While at the shop, Neera notices Mitesh putting sweets in his pocket. The right course of action for Neera to take is to?

A.share the sweets with Mitesh

B. join Mitesh in stealing the sweets

C. report Mitesh to their parents

D. offering services at langar

76. Which of the following is not a proper way of caring for the environment in your estate?

A. burning garbage

B. planting flowers

C. collecting dry leaves

D. ignore the whole issue.

77. Pushkar, a standard eight pupil suffers from a kidney illness. His teachers and school mates raise funds towards his medical bills. Which one of the following Sadachar is demonstrated by his action?


B. obedience

C. gratitude

D. gathering plastic bottles.

78. In schools, pupils from different religions and culture learns together. This practice promotes?

A. spiritual unity

B. cultural unity

C. tribal unity

D. compassion.

79. In Hindu month, the full moon day is known as?

A. Panchimi

B. Ashtami

C. Purnima

80. Which season is experienced during the month of Magh and Phalgun in India?

A. Shirshir

B. Varsha

C. Sharada

C. Sharada

81. The most important acivity during Diwali celebration is?

A. hosting visitors

B. lighting the deepaks

C. cleaning the house

D. Amavasya

82. The flag of Nishan Sahib in Gurudwara is raised during the festival of?

A. Lohdi

B. Vaisakhi

C. Gurupurab

D. Vasant

83. The Sikh ceremony of Anad karaj is performed in the presence of?

A. Panj Pyare

B. Gyaniji

C. Deepak

D. giving alms to the poor

84. Stavan is a prayer recited in praise of?

A. Sikh Guru

B. Hindi Rishi


C. Jain Tirthankar

85. The following are rituals performed during a Hindu ceremony: (i) the priest puts tilak on the yajman’s forehead (ii) cleansing mantras are recited (iii) a fire is lit and samgri offered (iv) Shanti path is recited The ceremony during which the above rituals are performed is

A. Havan

B. Saptah

C. Path

D. Nanak Jayanti

86. The festival of Raksha Bandhan strengthens the holy bond between?

A. mother and son

B. father and son

C. brother and sister

D. Granth Sahib

87. On the last day of Paryusham Parva, Jains recite?

A. Ek Omar Satnam

B. Aum Namah Shivaya

C. Sangham Sharnam Gachlami

D. Budha Sadhu

88. Which of the following Asana is performed for complete relaxation of body and mind?

A. Shavasana

B. Vajrasana

C. Padmasana

89. Which of the following statements is not true about Bhagirath?

A. He received Hinduism through lectures on Veda

B. He brought River Ganga to earh to liberate his ancestors

C. He established Math to educate the youth

D. Satsang.

90. The most essential quality of a follower of Bhakti yoga is?

A. friendliness to others

B kindness to other

C. devotion to Paramatma

D. mother and daughter