Effective Writing


Writing, like talking, is one way in which pupils think about new experiences, relate them to what they already know, modify and extend their understanding to make sense of the world around them. Since pupils rarely write about new topics, an effective writing method must be enforced through oral expressions, reading and listening. Language is a tool that enables pupils to relate their new experiences to what they already know; to come to a conclusion about new experiences; and to modify and extend their understanding in the light of new experiences.

This section deals with the basic problems faced by pupils in writing compositions. Each topic is illustrated by sample types of writing. Each unit ends with practical exercises, giving pupils a chance to write similar work covered in the unit. The exercises have been carefully selected.

Effective writing

What examiners look for

1. Presentation

Work that is poorly written discourages and distorts the reader’s concentration. The reader might end up reading your work with very little interest. Write clearly and correctly so that the reader can read with ease.

2. Fluency

Use short sentences in a simple language that can be easily understood. Use words which you are sure of. Avoid repeating ideas and always plan your paragraphs. Beginning of any new paragraph means bringing in a new idea .

3. Effectiveness

Avoid common errors such as, mixing up of tenses, poor sentence construction and simple spelling mistakes. These errors hamper the flow of your composition and therefore the reader automatically becomes discouraged .

4. Relevance

Most pupils kill their creativity and originality and narrow their imagination by failing to read keenly the given story line, topic or ending. Ensure the content of your composition is relevant to the given story line.

5. Language command

You are expected to be more creative in linking up your thoughts to a given storyline or topic. Make appropriate use of the colloquial expressions, phrasal expressions and verbs, similes and proverbs. Your composition becomes richly flavoured therefore capturing the attention of the reader the more.