Google search

Google search or Google is a web search engine owned by Google Inc. it is used to find other websites which contain particular information in the internet. Google is the mostly used search engine in the world handling more than 3 billion searches each day.

The website address is


• Go to Google search.

• Type the information you intend to teach and press the enter key. For example sources of light. 

To look up for text about sources of light in class one;

Click on one of the links listed and view to see if it contains what you are looking for.

You can then copy and paste in a word document and edit appropriately.


To look up for images click on the images tab.

A screen with many images about sources of light will appear.

To check each image click on it wait for it to load completely so that it’s sharp (clear).

If you like the image and want use it in the classroom use the snipping tool to snip it from the net and save it in a folder in your machine so as to use the image offline in the lesson.

Google search may also be used to look up for text about sources of light.