Projection Assessment

 Part A

1. How old will you be in 2030?

2. What do you hope and imagine your life as a Kenyan will be like?

3. Which aspects of the Vision 2030 do you think are most important?

4. What else, not mentioned in this topic do you think should be included in Vision 2030?

5. How do you see yourself dedicating your time and effort to upholding the Vision when you are grown up?

6. What can you start doing TODAY to help as Kenya works towards Vision 2030?


- Send your projects to us. Ask your teacher or guardian to help you send an email to

- This does not have to be an essay - it can be a series of pictures, a sound recording or even a video.


Part B Questions

a) State the 3 main pillars of vision 2030.

b) What are the major contributors towards Kenya's GDP ?

c) In what ways can the three pilars be achieved?