How old will you be in the year 2030?

How will you like your life be after the year 2030?

After asking Kenyans these question the answer was the vision 2030 plan.

- The Government then launched Vision 2030 on October 30th 2006.

- Below is the ceremony photography.

- Vision 2030 is a national long-term development master plan to create a globally competitive and prosperous nation.

- Where everybody can enjoy  a high quality of life by 2030.

- We dream Kenya will have more industries and will be a middle-income country to provide a high quality of life to all its citizens by 2030 in a clean and secure environment.

Vision 2030 is grouped into 3 Pillars:

1. The Economic Pillar

2. The Social Pillar

3. The Political Pillar


The Vision

Here it is what Kenya want in the Vision 2030.


Na Tusirudi Nyuma

- We ask for a Kenya where our rights and freedom are protected, where we are ruled by democracy.


Ukulima Bora

- We all want a Kenya that is able to adequately feed itself, the world and give jobs to its citizens.


Barabara za Kisasa

- We all want a Kenya with a good network of roads that will enhance business within our country.

- Utalii WetuWe all want a Kenya flooded with tourists enjoying the beauty of our country and creating employment for us.


Bandari Zetu

- We want a Kenya that is capable of bringing in more business and employing more Kenyans.


Masomo Bora

- We all want a Kenya where our children are educated by well trained teachers who will help them realize their potential.


Matibabu kwa Wote

- We want a Kenya, where all Kenyans can afford to go to well-equipped hospitals and get treated by qualified doctors.


Mawasiliano ya Kisasa

- We all want a Kenya that is advanced in technology, where other countries look up to us for technology solutions.