Assessment Questions


1. What do you understand by the term 'national defence'?

2. Explain any three roles of national defence in maintaining law and order.

3. The main reponsibility of the department of defence is to _________ the armed forces.

4. The special organ of the police force whose main responsibility is to ensure the security of the President is referred to as the ____________. 

5. National defence guarantees the ____________ of every citizen in the county.

6. The existence of law and order in a country encourages national growth and ___________.


7.  What is internal security?

8. In the table below, state the three organs of internal security found in Kenya and explain how they provide internal security to the country.


9. The police force is headed by a __________ while the Prisons Department is headed by a ____________. 


10. Define the term 'external security'.

11. External security is provided by organs that are collectively reffered to as the ___________.

12. Name the three organs of the armed forceswhich defend our country from external attacks.

13. a) Members of the armed forces stay in special camps reffered to as ______________. 

      b) Name any one of these special camps in Kenya and the town where it is located.


14. State one town in Kenya where an air force base is located.

15. All the organs of the armed forces are headed by a __________.

16. The armed forces are all headed by a ____________.

17. The commander-in-chief of the armed forces is the ___________.

18. Complete the table below;


19. a) Highlight any three roles of the Kenya Police in maintaining law and order.

      b) List the nine departments of the Kenya Police.

      c) Name the functions of each department of the Kenya Police.

20. What is the main role of the administrative police in maintaining law and order.

21. Explain the role played by the prisons department in maintaining law and order in the country.

22. a) Write any three roles of the armed forces in maintaining law and order in Kenya.

     b) The main function of the armed forces is __________.

23. When our country is attached on land by citizens of another country, the _____________ fights back the foes in order to protect our country.

24. External attacks of our country through international waters are handled by the ________.

25. The armed forces also help the people affected by disasters such as ____________.