Importance of the Constitution


  • Is the highest law of the land and all the other laws made conform to it.
  • Describes the structure of the government.

  • Outlines the operations and powers of all organs of government.
  • Outlines the rules and regulations on how politics of a country are to be conducted.
  • Outlines the rights and freedoms of citizens.
  • Outlines the controls against abuse of power by those in leadership.

  • Describes the composition and functions of the Legislature, the Executive and the Judiciary.
  • Describes the court system and the powers of different courts.

  • Outlines ways that the government is allowed to acquire and spend funds.
  • Describes property ownership system.
  • A country without a constitution would be chaotic because it would mean that there are no regulations to control the behaviour of its citizens.

By accepting the new constitution Kenyans usher in a new dawn.