Assessment questions

1. Define ability.

2. A talent is best defined as 

    A. the power we get through learning that enables us to do something very well.

    B. the power we are not born with that enables us to do something very well.

    C. the ability to share our things with other people.

    D. the power we are born with that enable us to do something very well

3. What happened to the servant who buried his talent in the parable of the master and his three servants found in mathew 25:14-30?

4. What 5 lessons do we learn in the parable in question 3 above teach us?

5. ____ was given the abilty, skill and understanding for every artistic work.

    A. Adam         B. Jesus

    C. Bezalel       D. Ahab

6. Name 2 people in the bible who used their talent or abilities to serve God.