In the image below, the athlete will cover a certain distance in a certain time.

This is called Speed. 


The speed of these cars is over 150 kilometers per hour (150 km/h).


Speed is how fast something is moving

Speed is a measure of the distance travelled in a given time.

Distance is measured in Metres and Kilometres as the distance travelled per unit of time.

Time is measured in Seconds, Minutes and Hours


An athlete runs around a circular track on a field of diameter 336 m in 5 minutes and a half. She adjusts her shoes for 30 seconds then covers the second lap in 6 minutes.


(a) her speed in km/h during the first lap.

(b) her average speed for the whole time interval (take π = 22/7)


KCPE Topical Questions

Time, distance and speed

1. Njogu and Kaliech set off from their school to the market. Njogu cycled at speed if 18 km/h and took 40 minutes to reach the market. Kaliech walked and took 2 hours to cover the same distance. What was Kaliech’s speed in km/h?

A. 6      B. 12      C. 9      D. 13.5


2. A cyclist set out to travel from town N to town P. after travelling for 1 h 30 min he had a tyre puncture, which took him 30 minutes to repair. He then continued with the journey for 50 min, if his average speed for the whole journey was 18 km/h, how far is town P from town N?

A. 32.6 km      B. 37.8 km       C. 42 km       D. 51 km


3. Kagendo made a 150 kilometre journey. For the first 90 km she used a bus travelling at an average speed of 60 km/h and for the rest of the journey she took a matatu travelling at an average speed of 90 km/h. How long did the journey take?

A. 1 h 30 min         B. 1 h 40 min
C. 2 h 10 min          D. 2 h 30 min


4. A cyclist left home at 11.15 a.m. for a market 50 km away. He cycled at an average of 15 km/h. at what time did he reach the market?

A. 3.20 a.m.         B. 3.20 p.m.
C. 2.35 a.m.          D. 2.35 p.m.


5. A bus left town Y for town Z, a distance of 80 kilometres, at 8.30 a.m. For the first 30 minutes, it traveled at 50 km/h. It travelled the remaining distance at 66 km/h. at what time did the bus reach town Z?

A. 9.10 a.m.        B. 9.20 a.m.     C. 9.50 a.m.   D. 10.12 a.m.


6. Rono can run at an average speed of 24 km/h, he started the 800m race at 4.00 p.m. At what time did he finish the race?

A. 4.20 p.m.    B. 5.00 p.m.    C. 4.02 p.m.      D. 4.24 p.m.


7. During a competition, Kamau took 1 hour to cycle from town E to town F at an average speed of 18 km/h. He cycled back to town E at an average speed of 9 km/h. What was his average speed in km/h for the round trip?

A. 12         B. 27      C. 13.5       D. 18


8. Opondo walked from his home to the market at an average speed of 5 km/h and took 2 hours 24 minutes. He returned home at an average speed of  km/h. How long did he take to travel to the market and back?

A. 2 h 40 min          B. 5 h 20 min
C. 4 h 48 min           D. 5 h 4 min


9. Two drivers, Kamau and Odongo, drove from Nairobi to Maseno, a distance of 480 km. they started the journey at 7.00 a.m. Kamau drove at a constant speed and reached Maseno at 1.00 p.m. Odongo drove at an average speed of 60 km/h. How far from Maseno was Odongo when Kamau arrived?

A. 120 km       B. 160 km       C. 360 km      D. 420 km


10. Ahmed left home at 9.20 a.m. for Nairobi, a distance of 168 km. After driving for one hour he rested for 40 minutes. He then continued with his journey and reached Nairobi at 12 noon. What was his average speed for the journey in km/h?

A. 70 km/h      B. 63 km/h      C. 60 km/h        D. 84 km/h


11. Muthoni left home at 7.00 a.m. for the market, a distance of 7.2 km. She reached the market at 8.20 a.m. What was her average speed in metres per second?

A. 1 m/sec     B. 1 1/2 m/sec     C. 1 2/3 m/sec     D. 5 2/5 m/sec


12. Ahmed traveled by bus from 12 noon to 3 pm for 180 kilometers. He then traveled for one hour in a car whose average speed was 20 km/h more than the bus. What was his average speed in km/h for the whole journey?

A. 80       B. 70       C. 65       D. 50


13. A car traveled at an average speed of 108 km/h. What was this speed in meters per second?

A. 3 m/s        B. 30 m/s       C. 300 m/s       D. 3000 m/s


14. Musa can run at an average speed of 18 km per hour. He started a 1200-meter race at 1500 h. At what time did he cross the 900-metre mark?

A. 1530 h     B. 1507 h      C. 1504 h     D. 1503 h