Assessment questions


You can inhale, you can swallow,

You can chew– whichever way,

Drugs come in different forms,

Tablets, roots, leaves, powder – name them,

“Taste a little, just a little, there is no harm in tasting a little,” says a friend.

Take care! Great care! Say no! Remain firm.


The drugs are highly addictive, with serious effects,

The users hardly realize this despite the warnings through media and other platforms,

They have become social misfits,

They steal, fight and shout unnecessarily,

Mental disorders are now on the increase,

Take care! Great care! Say no! Remain firm.


The young and old – all are affected,

Slowly by slowly the drugs damage the internal organs,

Heroin, nicotine, bhang and mandrax,

Threaten the health of many,

Take care! Great care! Say no! Remain firm.


The affected drop dead,

one by one – we cry for the innocent souls,

Pieces of advice seem to have landed on deaf ears,

Take care! Great care! Say no! Remain firm.


The long arm of the law should be firm,

And take stern measures on anyone exercising drug trafficking,

They should be put behind bars for an unspecified period,

Take care! Great care! Say no! Remain firm.

Answer the following questions.

1. In the poem, who do you think prepares the writer?

A. teachers B. parents C. pupils D. relatives.

2. Why is the teacher considered a marvellous person?

A. A teacher is a well- known person.

B. A teacher is gentle and kind.

C. The teacher loves children and adults.

D.The teacher has helped many people to succeed in life.

3. The following have been shown light by the teacher except ______________.

A. doctors and lawyers

B. presidents and engineers

C. engineers and pilots

D. touts and shoemakers

4. What do some people do instead of appreciating the teacher?

A. despise, ridicule and insult.

B. praise and encourage.

C. appreciate, ridicule, praise.

D. imitate, organize, promote.

5. ‘No one can stand taller than you’ this statement refers to the _________.

A. lawyer   B. teacher

C. pilot       D. doctor