Grammar and language use; Miscellaneous


For each of the sentences below, choose the word which means the same as the underlined words.

1. The hands of a watch move in a circle.
A. come back B. repeat
C. revolve D. return

2. You are free to leave
A. may B. should
C. have to D. must.

3. Many people who have children do not seem to understand the usefulness of planting more trees.
A. men B. women
C. elders D. parents

4. My father keeps cows, sheep, goats and
camels on his ranch.
A. animals B. continuously
C. regularly D. repeatedly

5. It rained without stopping for two days.
A. continually B. continuously
C. regularly D. repeatedly

For each of the blank spaces numbered 1- 10, choose the most suitable answer from the alternatives given after the passage.

The ___1____ thing I____2___ in my life was when our village was____3____by cattle rustlers. It was just an hour or ____4___ before sunrise. I was ____5___ up by people yelling and screaming on top
of ____6___ voices. My mother ___7____ hold of me, pulled me to her back, ____8___ my younger brother to her stomach, and dashed out of the house ___9____ the darkness. Outside, the noise made by gunshots was deafening. My mother headed for the ___10____ opening in the fence. In a few minutes, we were safely hidden away in the dry river bed near the village. 

1. A. best B. good
    C. worst D. bad

2. A. dislike B. remember
    C. forget D. hate

3. A. surrounded B. visited
    C. hit D. attacked

4. A. so B. about
    C. then D. like that

5. A. frightened B. woken
C. risen D. wake

6. A. his B. her
C. their D. there

7. A. got B. get
C. touched D. pulled

8. A. hold B. pulling
C. holding D. held

9. A. in B. into
C. by D. at

10. A. further B. narrowest
C. nearest D. largest