Assessment questions

A. Match the idiomatic expressions in column A with their meanings in column B. Use them to make your own sentences

Column A                                Column B

draw the line                            be plain and outspoken

make both ends meet               be arrongant

draw the long bow                   run away

show a clean pair of heels        pretend

make no bone about it              boast

keep up apperances                  expose secrets

ride the high horse                    lead a miserable life

lead a dog's life                         point out the limits

blow one's trumphet                  live within one's means

let the cat out of the bag            tell unbelievable stories


B. Choose what best represents the meaning of the underlined expressions from the alternative given.

1. He is the backbone of his team

A. Without him, his team has no backbone

B. He is the stronges man in the team.

C. He is the on on whom his team relies.

D. He is the thinnest man in his team


2. They are so poor that they find it difficult to make ends meet.

A. meet each other

B. borrow money from other people

C. buy meat except at the end of  months

D. live within their income


3. When we heard the roar of a lion, the herdsman took to his heels.

A. took his clothes and escaped

B. ran away at great speed

C. ran after the lion at great speed

D. ran towards the hills


4.  'Keep an eye on the luggage,' said Mary to her sister. ' i will be back shortly'.

A. carefully watch

B. keep

D. keep down

D. do not keep down


5. When the meeting began, he was asked to take the chair

A. take the chair to the meeting

B. take the chair out of the meeting

C. become the chairman

D. take the chair home after the meeting


6. My grandmother is so old that she is now hard of hearing.

A. as deaf as a stone

B. almost deaf

C. deaf

D. hardly deaf


7. ' Look before you reap,' Kamau advised his son.

A. look and then jump

B. look and then think

C. look, think and leap

D. think before you act


8. His enemies talked about him behind his back.

A. without his knowledge

B. without his permission

C. without facing him

D. just behind him


9. In the long run, they will be admitted to the school.

A. After  a long race

B. eventually

C. after running

D. after a long distance


10. He looks down upon people who are not as rich as he is

A. Praises

B. disturbs

C. despises

D. surprises