Assessment questions

A. Write the words in brackets as gerunds.

1. (play) tennis is quite relaxing.

2. We were afraid of have to wait for long time.

3. I love (spend) all my pocket money on clothes.

4. The pupils enjoy (study) English

5. The teacher (loves) punish all the noise makers.

6. I love (ride) my bicycle after school.

7. I do not like (fail) examinations

8. (play) the piano is her hobby

9. l like (read) mystery novels.

10. (blame) each other will not solve the problem.

11. (set) goals in life is important if one is to succeed.

12. I enjoy (entertain) visitors at our home.

13. My sister is (fly) out of the country for further studies.

14. We prevented the thief from (escape)

15. (see) is believing.