Understand, don't just memorise

Do not simply memorize facts

You will have to go beyond straight memorization to score top KCPE marks. Concentrate on understanding the material taught; compare it, contrast it, and interpret its meaning. Focus on understanding the ideas and concepts in the course which knit the facts and details together.

You must be more than familiar with the material; you must be able to write it down, talk about it, analyse it, and apply it.

If there are graphs, tables, or figures on the test you will be asked to interpret data.


...cramming is no good

Last-minute 'cramming' for exams is the worst of all worlds - it is very stressful, is unlikely to lead to good marks and you won't be able to remember much of it within a few days of leaving the exam room.

It makes much more sense to start exam revision in plenty of time - all it takes is a little planning and self-discipline to avoid those late nights, cold sweats and so-so grades.