Assessment questions

Add correct question tags to the following statements

1. She is picking rose flowers, ______?

2. I shall not sing in church, ______?

3. I am a renowned artist, ______?

4. Please, pass on the salt, _____?

5. Every good person must desist from violence, ______?

6. He hasn't left the children unattended, ______?

7. They seldom go upcountry, ______?

8. Let me have a look at your exercise book, ______?

9. It won't rain in the near future, ______?

10. She could finish her work in a few minutes,_____?

11. Many changes have taken place since the introduction of modern technology, ______.

12. You can share a moment of laughter with the poor _____.

Choose the correct ending

1. Let us go to the office, ____?

A. will you

B. shall we

C. shan't we 

D. won't we

2. My uncle seldom visits Mombasa _____?

A. don't he

B. doesn't he 

C. isn't he

D. does he

3. You must read this letter _____?

A. mustn't you 

B. will you

C. must you 

D. won't you

4. The school choir sang merrily, ______?

A. don't they?

B. do they?

C. didn't they?

D. did they?

5. Nyambane rarely sings folk songs, ______?

A. don't he

B. doesn't he 

C. do he 

D. does he

6. Amina and her neighbour went to Mount Mecca, _____?

A. is it

B. doesn't he 

C. didn't they

D. isn't it

7. Go for your books, ______?

A. will you 

B. won't you 

C. shall you 

D. shan't you