Grammar and language use;Word building

Forming nouns from verbs;

Examples of  forming nouns from the verbs in the brackets

A useful piece of (inform).
Correct response;A useful piece of information.

 A sincere (encourage).

Correct response; A sincere encourager.

 A miserable (exist).

Correct response;A miserable exister.

 A poor (attend).

Correct response;A poor attender.

An expensive (advertise).

Correct response; An expensive advertiser.

 A dangerous (fly).

Correct response;A dangerous flier.

Now try the following;

  1. An exact (translate).
  2.  A quick means of (transport).
  3.  A wonderful (create).
  4. A late (realise).
  5.  A good (recommend).


Forming nouns from adjectives

Many adjectives are formed from nouns but some are formed from verbs.

Consider these examples:

Adjectives are sometimes formed from nouns and verbs by the addition of suffixes, as in these e x a m p l e s .