Occupational Nouns


Occupation refers to an activity with which one occupies oneself.

A person who takes care of a forest is called a forester.

The head of a school is a headmaster, or a headmistress.

Select the word that best describes the occupations.

1. Builds with stone.
A. architect               B. carpenter
C. mason                  D. labourer

2. Looks after sheep.
A. sheep man            B. herds boy
C. caretaker              D. shepherd

3. Sees that rules are obeyed in games such as football.
A. footballer             B. goalkeeper
C. referee                 D. captain

4. Mends shoes.
A. cobbler               B. repairer
C. shoemaker           D. shoe seller

5. Extracts decaying teeth and repairs broken ones.
A. doctor                B. herbalist
C. dentist                D. pharmacist

6. Cuts and trims people’s hair.
A. barber                B. hair cutter
C. hair conditioner   D. hair shaver

7. Collects fares on matatus and buses.

A. colector       B. conductor    C. driver      D. turnboy

8. A professional cook.
A. chief                  B. cook.
C. chef                   D. servant

9. Operates on patients in hospitals.
A. doctor               B. dentist
C. surgeon             D. nurse

10. Sells writing pads, ink, exercise books, pencils and so on.
A. bookshop keeper
B. stationer
C. station master
D. typist