• Wheels make things to move easily and faster by rolling.
  • Wheels make work easier.

Some things that use wheels are listed below:

  • A wheelbarrow has one wheel.
  • A bicycle has two wheels.
  • A motorcycle has two wheels.
  • A car has four wheels.
  • A tractor has two small wheels in front and two big wheels behind.
  • A handcart has two wheels.
  • An aeroplane has six wheels. It uses the wheels to move on the ground.
    • Wheels are round or circular in shape.


Making wheels

You can use the following things to make wheels for your toy car:

  • Bottle tops.
  • Rubber.
  • Wires.
  • Cotton reels.
  • Maize cobs.
  • Clay.
    • It is easy to move a toy car with round wheels.
    • It is difficult to move a toy car without wheels or with wheels that are not round in shape.