Starting a business

How to start a business


First step

Thinking about an idea.

- Idea means - something one thinks, knows or imagines.

- A plan, scheme, project or intention.

- One way is coming up with something new. You can also look at ways of doing something differently or doing something better.


Second step

- Once an entrepreneur has an idea that they want to develop further, they start to dream.

- Entrepreneurs are fanatics (very enthusiastic - excited) about their ideas. Dream means - images, thoughts. A fond hope or aspiration.


Third step

- The vision of an entrepreneur comes as they develop their idea further through lots of thinking and dreaming. 

- I believe a vision is when you can see in your mind the idea and dream in great detail.

- You can see how it starts to work. 

- You will find that if you give an idea to a number of people and ask them to think of the potential of the idea, that you will get many different responses. 

- You will find that an entrepreneur will really stretch the limits and will be very creative on the opportunities of the idea.

Vision means - something perceived in a dream. The ability to perceive something not actually visible.



Forth step 

A concept in the terms of business and entrepreneurs is really just a summary of the idea and how you envision it to work.

- Concept is usually used as a term to suggest that you have thought it through to an early stage but you are not really doing it to the extent that you think is possible.

- Concept means - an idea or thought. An abstract notion.