In Your Life

  • Google Glass has already been used to live-stream a surgery, from the surgeon's perspective. Such augmented reality devices will in the future be able to display the patient's electronic medical records real-time, organize live consultations and call the ambulance to the exact GPS location in emergency situations.

N/B Augmented reality - A technology that superimposes(places or lays) a computer-generated image on a user's view of the real world, thus providing a composite view.

  • Digital contact lenses will be controlled with brain waves in the future. 

  • IBM's supercomputer "Watson" can process over 200 million pages in one second and is being used by more and more institutions to make medical decisions.

  • Nanotechnology has presented the possibility of using nanotech devices in treating diseases. Now, it is time for nanotechnology to live up to expectations. Nanorobots in the bloodstream could intervene even before the disease appears. They could keep tissues safely oxygenated after a heart attack, specifically target cancer cells, or remove platelets.

  • 3D Printing out organs that can replace a non-functioning organ in its full physiological capacity will eradicate waiting lists.


  • In the future it will be possible to detect preventable diseases in fetal DNA obtained from the mother's bloodstream.

  • The Google that we have today is known by each and every person in this internet world. Google rose to fame due to its most popular product offering, Google search. ”Google was originally named BACKRUB because it gave importance to the websites based on number of backlinks it had ”