KCPE Topical Questions



12.8.1 Simple machines - pulleys and inclined planes. 

1. Amenge tried different methods of lifting the same stone block from the ground onto a lorry using a rope. Which of the following diagrams shows the arrangement likely to require the LEAST effort to bring the stone?


2. Naposho walked to the top of the hill along the spiral road represented by the diagram below.

If the heights, h, between the points are all the same, the effort used during the climbing was

A. Least between points II and III
B. Least between points III and IV
C. Least between points I and IV
D. The same between all the points


3. Which one of the following simple machines is an example of an inclined plane?

A. Wheel and axle       B. Screw jack
C. Gear wheel           D. Tyre lever


4. The diagrams below show how inclined planes J, K, L, and M could be used to move the same load to point P

If the same load is moved to point P along the planes, which of the following statements is FALSE?

A. The effort used in each case is the same
B. The amount of work dine in each case is the same
C. The load distance in each case is the same
D. The effort distance in each case is the same.


5. An example of an inclined plane is a

A. Crowbar    B. Screw jack    C. Fixed pulley    D. Wheel and axle


6. The diagram beside represents a simple machine. Which one of the following simple machines is of the same types as the one shown in the diagram? 

A. Gear wheel   B. Crowbar   C. Winch   D. Inclined plane


7. It is easier riding a bicycle up a steep slope in a zig-zag manner than riding it straight up the slope. A pair of machines which operate in the same way as riding in a zig-zag manner is

A. Gear and screw jack
B. Screw jack and winch
C. Winch and inclined plane
D. Inclined plane and screw jack


8. Which one of the following groups of machines uses the principle of inclined planes?

A. Chisel, wedge, pair of tongs
B. Screw, chisel, bottle opener
C. Chisel, knife, crowbar
D. Screw, wedge, knife