Assessment Questions

Know more

1. The constitution defines the relationship between the ________ and the _______. 

2. In 1996, the Senate and the House of Representatives were abolished and replaced by the _______. 

3. In 1969, the _________ was given power/authority to appoint members of ECK.

4. a) The last Constitution Review Conference was held between the years 2000 - 2004 at the ________ in Nairobi.

    b) Who was the chairperson of the Constitution of Kenya Review Commission during the 2000 - 2004 Conference?

5. a) The Speaker of the National Assembly is __________ by the _________. 

A. nominated, Attorney General          B. elected, citizens

C. appointed, President                        C. elected, MPs


   b) Who among the following was the Deputy Speaker to the National Assembly after the coalition government was formed in Kenya in 2008?

A. Francis Ole Kaparo                       B. Francis Mudhaura

C. Kenneth Marende                         D. Farah Maalim


  c) The first duty of the Speaker of the National Assembly after a new parliament has been opened is to ____________. 


   d) What is the main role of the Speaker during parliamentary discussions and debates?


6. Members of parliament can be categorised as either __________, __________ or ___________. 

7. Name the ex-officio members of parliament.

Formation of government 

1. In Kenya a government is formed by ___________.

2. List all the conditions a President candidate should fulfill before being declared a winner.

3. The ____________ swears in the president.

4. Name any ten officials appointed by the president.

5. In which year was the post of Prime Minister created for the second time in Kenya?

6. Who swears in the following:

    a) Prime Minister          b) President         c) The Cabinet

7. Between the President and the Prime Minister, who decides on the number of Ministries in the Government? ____________. 

8. The current government in Kenya is called the  _________. 

9. Describe the process follwed in forming a government in Kenya after the 2007 general elections.


The Arms of the Government

i) The Legislature

1. Who makes up the legislature?

2. State the other two names of the legislature.

3. There are __________ elected MPs and ___________ nominated MPs in the current parliament in Kenya.

4. The ex-officio members of the legislature are the _________ and __________. 

5. Who appoints the Attorney General  _____________.

6. List the functions of the following members of the legislature.

   a) The speaker 

   b) The Clerk to the National Assembly

   c) Sergent at Arms

   d) Attorney General


7. MPs are sworn in by the ____________. 

8. Explain the stages a bill that has been presented in Parliament goes through before it becomes a law.

9. Sate any five functions of the parliament. 


ii) The Executive

10. Name all the members of the Executive.

11. What is the main function of the Executive?

12. List any six functions of the President.

13. Identify the members of the Cabinet.

14. Who is the secretary to the Cabinet?

15. Describe any four functions of the Cabinet.

16. Give two functions of the Prime Minister.

17. a) Who is a civil servant?

      b) The civil service is headed by __________.

      c) __________ is the most senior civil servant in a government ministry.

      d) Give any four functions of the civil service.


18. a) Who are the members of the Puplic Service Commission.

      b) Who chairs the Public Service Commission?

      c) State the main function of the Public Service Commission.


iii) The Judiciary

19. Name the members of the Judiciary.

20. The ____________ heads the Judiciary.

21. Who appoints the following members of the Judiciary?

     a) The head of the Judiciary ______________.

     b) High court judges _____________.

     c) Magistrates ________________.

22. Sate any five functions of the Judiciary .

23. Name the two principal assistants of the Attorney General.

24. a) What is the Judicial Service Commission?

      b) ___________ is the head of the Judicial Service Commission.

25. Which cases do the following courts handle?

     a) Court Martial             b) Kadhi's court