Use and Misuse of God's creation

Traditional African Society's views on the use and misuse of God's creation

It was believed that destroying the environment resulted in destroying human life because both were closely linked.

The traditional Africans were linked to the environment through totems.

The environment was to provide human beings with food, medicine, shelter and clothing among other needs. It was used to satisfy these needs.

Africans believe that the environment is created by God and is sacred.

The environment was therefore taken care of as a sign of respect and to show appreciation to God.

Christian teaching on the use and misuse of God's creation

Genesis 1:11, 12, 26-29,  Psalms 8:6-8

  • Christian teaching on the use and misuse of the environment comes from the Biblical teachings on creation.
  • Christian teaching recognises the inter-relationship of all created things living and nonliving.
  • Human beings are expected to be responsible managers of God’s creation.
  • We serve God by conserving the environment.

How to Respond to the use and misuse of God's creation

People should be encouraged to build gabions and terraces and plant more trees in order to preserve the environment.

We should dispose garbage carefully to avoid littering and polluting the land.

We can respond to the misuse of God’s creation by:

  1. Reminding people that God created the environment and we have the responsibility to take care of it.
  2. Educating people on the importance of conserving the environment by planting trees, which will stop soil erosion and preserve water catchment areas.
  3. Using other sources of fuel such as solar and wind to reduce air pollution.
  4. Not overgrazing.
  5. Not dumping industrial waste into water sources.
  6. Controlling mining of minerals to avoid displacing human beings.

We should regard the environment as sacred and therefore respect it.

1. Name uses of trees in traditional African society.

2. The Kenyan community that considered the Mugumo tree as sacred was the
A. AKamba B. Agikuyu C. Abagusii D. Taita

3. Explain how shrines helped in conserving vegetation in traditional African

4. The kayas were sacred forests characteristic of the ___________ community.
A. Taita B. Pokomo C. Mijikenda D. Abaluhya

5. Name two traditional African economic activities that led to misuse of God’s

6.  Explain how the government ban on animal poaching has helped conserve


7. Name three examples of resources.
8. Differentiate between natural and man-made resources.

9. Name two ways in which natural resources are misused.

10. In the Kenya, cutting down of trees is illegal mainly because

11. All the following negatively affect our environment EXCEPT
A. mining       C. pruning of plants
B. oil spillage  D. release of poisonous gases into the air

12. Name the founder of the Green Belt Movement.