Travel Time Tables

Travel time-tables show departure and arrival times for air flight, bus and train journey.

Most often, the 24-hour system is used in travel time-tables.

Look at the example below


3 trains A, B and C operate between P, Q, R and S. Use the table given to check the times.

Work out in 12 hour system

  • The time the last train leaves Town P
  • The time the last train arrives in Town S
  • The time taken by Train A to reach Town S from P
  • The time Sala arrives intown S If she lives in town Q and works in town R from 8:30am to 1:00pm.



(a) departure is 1225 h which is 12.25 p.m

(b) arrival is 1505 h which is 3.05 p.m

(c) departure time from P is 0520 Arrival time at S is 0805 h Time taken = 0805 – 0520 = 2h 45 min

(d) Sala boards train A in town Q at 0555 h and arrives in town R at 0655 h. After work she boards train C at 1405 h and arrives in town S at 1505 h which is 3.05 p.m.